Things That Endure

Jerry was a salesman of the old school, straight out of an episode of Mad Men. He was dapper as could be, with creases on his…


My Favorite Sandwich

Until my late teens, my Dad worked for a propane company. He literally sold propane and propane accessories. In rural Mississippi, propane is a big deal.…

Eating Making

Food is love.

If I were to make a list of the things I know for sure, that food is love would be one of them. I have known…

Eating Reflecting

Hot dog sandwiches

A while back, I was interviewed for the Food and Faith Podcast, and we talked about food and how it figures into our memories. And I…

Eating Reflecting

The Ice Cream

I have written before in these pages about my Aunt Louise. My great aunt, really – Dad’s mom’s sister – she died when I was 12,…