Reflecting Resilience

Dead Things

When I was in high school, I read the novel First Blood, which is the novel that the Rambo movies were based on. As is often…

Growing Reflecting

The Gap

My Aunt Louise could not swim. At all. She was afraid fo the water. We used to joke that she was scared of deep dishwater. Ten-year-old…


Comfort and Safety

When we bought our previous house, the people who lived in it before us had been there a long time. They were in their 70s and…

Q and R Reflecting

Are you OK?

Hey dude. Are you OK? That was one of the dozens of text messages I have gotten over the last few days as the water crisis…


The Spiritual Life

“Can I ask you a question?” It came over text. I didn’t see it for a while. I have a bad habit of walking away from…