Breaking Slowly

I recently began doing morning pages again. If that means nothing to you, the least you need to know for the following story to make sense…

Reflecting Resilience

The Ugly Part

In our last house, we had a tiny bathroom. Like, 5 feet by 5 feet. The sink was in a tiny 2-foot-wide nook in the corner.…

Living Resilience

So You Had A Relapse

Hey there. Yes, you. Can we talk? I saw you with your New Year’s resolutions. You were going to quit drinking. Or start saving 10% of…

Making Resilience

Vernacular shelving

Who invented the table? Who was the first person to make a chair that looked like a chair? Think about the first person who made a…

Eating Resilience

Cooking From The Pantry

I believe in having a certain amount of food on hand. Generally, two to three months’ worth of regular, everyday food, not dehydrated tofu you keep…