Temporary Closed for Maintenance

Hey ya’ll!

I’m taking the week off from publishing on my blog. I have a pretty hard writing deadline for a big project I’m working on and need the several hours a day I spend working on the blog to work on the other thing (announcement coming soon!)

I’ll be back to writing regularly here next Monday, the 16th.

Y’all take care of yourselves.


One thought on “Temporary Closed for Maintenance”

  1. It’s a wise man who knows when it’s important to restructure your time to be ready for new things coming up.
    My son and daughter-in-law sent me a new e-book to read on my Kindle fire. It’s about a woman in her mid-20’s who decided she wanted to bicycle around the world. This was the 1890’s when women were finding a new sense of freedom in “cycling.” This lady was really good at promoting herself. However, she didn’t have the background to take on a project like bicycling around the world, (for crying out loud!) She had never even ridden a bicycle until a couple of days before she was supposed to take off from Boston and head out. She had a lot to learn! Nevertheless it is interesting, especially when I am seeing how the bicycling thing was taking off in the 1890’s. Cars would come later, I guess. I’ll be waiting to hear about what’s new when the time comes to fill us all in.

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